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(no subject)

Sep. 17th, 2008 | 04:54 pm
mood: busybusy

It's been 5 and a half years since I've written an entry in here.

There is only one reason I remembered this thing in the first place.

So, here's where I've been hiding, in the most figurative of senses: http://www.xanga.com/becomehidden

Senior year of college and I'm still yearning for the future. As you can see, not much has changed...

My diary

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(no subject)

Mar. 30th, 2003 | 12:57 pm

i guess it was snowing when i woke up today...

last night i said to my dad..
you were in my dream the other night.
you said to me "the glory days are gone."
he didn't understand. but the first thing he said was...

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I can't my darling I love you so. But oh oh.

Mar. 26th, 2003 | 05:26 pm
mood: confusedconfused
music: postal service "nothing better"

I've been listening to the same things for the past couple of days now.
The same songs and the same order of songs and.
It may sound dull but I'm quite liking it.

Christina was home and I had a good time with her.
I bought a polka dot dress when we went shopping.
I also bought a jean jacket.
I wish she were home more often.

School is rather boring. I want summer vacation.
We're learning about World War I in history now.
As much as you think I wouldn't enjoy it, I do.

I guess my friends are in a dispute.
I don't know what to say.
I am switzerland.
I guess I am forever neutral.

I want to have a fun weekend.
Last friday night was awfully not fun.
I want to drive somewhere and never come home.

I keep having strange dreams.

The talent show wasn't the best yesterday.
Our school is rediculous.
And let's stop recruiting gangsters at our school
Because they're not the nicest of people.
Sorry I am not black and listen to rap music.

I really am sorry...

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edward...won't you have some lemonade?

Mar. 20th, 2003 | 09:11 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: rainer maria

i'm feeling in good spirits at the moment.
i'm not sure why.
christina is coming home soon. really soon. maybe in a half hour or so.
i'm excited to see her once again.
school was alright today. it was sad and dragged on for a while, but there's nothing to be ashamed of.
we had a good season.
students from st. joan of arc visited today.
softball practice started today. that was interesting.
my math grade is very high and it's making me feel nice.
my biology grade is high and that's a nice feeling as well.
it rained a lot today.
i was going to drive home from school, but i passed on the opportunity.
i think sometimes it's comforting to be the passenger.
i was thinking about that yesterday on the way to our game.
i don't think i could ever drive a bus or a big car full of loud kids.
driving and looking at the scenery provokes a lot of thought for me.
i really didn't want to tempt my mind into thinking on the way home, so i slept.
i'm feeling the need for a long trip soon.
in may i'm going to boston.
my father has a college reunion and we're going to visit people and look at schools.
i think i should stop focusing on the future and worry about now.

i watched edward scissor hands tonight alone in my basement and cried because i haven't seen it in many many years. it's kind of strange that johnny depp has such a big role in the movie but yet he rarely talks. it's a great movie though. sometimes i can't help but wonder what it would be like if our world were like the movies. oh i don't know. too much thinking!

i've re-opened the Catcher In the Rye and I'm soon finished.
i have a problem where i buy lots of books i want to read before i even finish the ones I already have.

I haven't done this in a while...
Things I recently...:
ate: chicken parmesean
drank: sunny delight, skim milk
read: the catcher in the rye
listened to: amixcd
watched: edward scissor hands and news television

i'm sorry these are long...

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(no subject)

Mar. 20th, 2003 | 08:11 am

mrs biggica: justin timberlake used to be hotter, but he's getting uglier as the years go by.
(and that is my computer teacher.)

so i guess basketball is over.
it was shocking and unexpected.
we lost to marian catholic.
they really aren't the team that should have beat us.
i think it's just martz hall that is unlucky to us.
or maybe the refs...
oh well. all i know is marian is LUCKY.
too lucky if you ask me.
but didn't i want it to be over?
well...not like this...
it was a learning experience of a year.
and i guess we'll just have to see what happens.

(christina comes home today. yay!)

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i used to love silence, but now it's bothering me.

Mar. 18th, 2003 | 10:05 pm

i definitely updated 2 seconds ago.
but i guess
i am
looking for conversation.
i hate when there's no one to talk to.
well. sometimes.
tonight i hate that there's no one to talk to.
someone talk to me...this could go on for a while.

pat is now talking to me.
and i am rather amused:

drunkenmime5768: did i tell you im going to start an 80's metal band?
drunkenmime5768: we're called ICESTORM
drunkenmime5768: no its a lame joke actually
snowfall above: haha nice!
drunkenmime5768: oh wow, icestorm will be amazing
snowfall above: sounds like it.
snowfall above: and your first hit will be something like...
drunkenmime5768: "only you can melt (my icy heart)"

accomplishments/things i did today:
+ said the rosary in religion class. hooray for lent!
+ read "fables" in spanish class.
+ did NOT eat a peanut butter sandwich at lunch. (that's a plus for diversity!)
+ played with many problems in geometry.
- played volleyball in gym.
- had basketball practice.
+ went for dinner with the basketball team.
+ drove to that dinner, and did well!!
+ finished my math homework.
+ drew a sketch of my invention. rawr.
+ straightened my hair.

the negatives weren't actually that bad but yes. everything can't be a positive!
now you see how dull i really am.

a comic strip series made by geo-graphic and gnat.

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(no subject)

Mar. 18th, 2003 | 09:40 pm
mood: curiouscurious
music: neutral milk hotel "oh comely"

suddenly everyone is interested in the world.
but i guess that's a good thing...?

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(no subject)

Mar. 17th, 2003 | 09:28 pm
mood: amusedamused
music: audio found on the announcements

sometimes i get the notion that i'm not very well liked.
oh well, i'll shake it off.

i think these videos for school are making me an angry person from time to time.
no one needs an angry person around.
maybe next year we can ban those large non-techie women from running the tapes.
i'm mean.
you can't make me stop being bothered by it though.
you don't waste an hour of your time like this.
i'm mean but i mean it.

hey! 5 days! IT'S ONLY TAKEN 4 MONTHS!!

confession anyone?

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(no subject)

Mar. 14th, 2003 | 11:10 pm
mood: hiccups
music: the album leaf "we once were (two)"

i'm not quite sure why i am writing this entry.
i suppose i'll dedicate it to my exciting night.
(Sarcasm of course)
My father is in Philadelphia.
My mother and I went out for pizza.
My mother spent the remainder of the night baking for the food festival.
I was going to be productive, but one accidental click lead conversation.
I spent the night talking to one person (+ random hello's)until 11:00pm.
My sister and I chatted on the phone.
This lead to that train of thought where I am forever unsure.
Now I am unsure.
I told my sister that I want an injury.
I told her it's the only *safe* way out of this.
(And it's not even a safe way, thus the other ways must be worse).

Tonight I sat in a brown shirt and hoped that someone would write.
Maybe I should write...yes, I should.
When no one wrote, I decided to text. So I did.
That lead to nothing.
Tonight, in my brown shirt, I tried to work on my big project for school.
Tonight, in that same brown shirt, I failed at working on that project.
Instead of solving the problems I encountered, I read away messages with the four letter word.

I think you should stop reading now.
I think I should make a new journal now.

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no more reading 4 letter words, please.

Mar. 13th, 2003 | 10:08 pm
mood: lonelylonely
music: crying just for show.

i think sometimes i can't wait any longer.
my mind is going to have a hard time entertaining itself for many years.
many years.
that's how long it's going to take to find that missing piece of the puzzle.
oh you know what i'm talking about.
oh well.
maybe i'll start a new journal so i don't have to fear people reading my gar-bage.
that's all this is fool!
holy cows it's late.
i have to wake up at 6:15 tomorrow.

plans for the next 24 hrs:
-eat cereal
-basketball 7am-8:30am
-school 8am-2:30pm
-spend evening thinking that i need a life.
-watch movie? sleep? (i dont need sleep! robots need no sleep!)
-wake up late.
-bus ride to shamokin,pa @ 11:30am.
-listen to tunes and think some more about that life i need.
-3rd round of states game vs. cardinal brennan (booyah?)
-bus ride home to lebanon,pa.
-spend evening thinking that i need a life pt. 2

i love my robotic self.
there's that four letter word!!!!!

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